Authenticating an SPA: What to do About the Developer Console

Nov 15, '15

In a single page app, all of the decisions about what view/subview to render occurs on the client. This means that ideally the client would be able to authenticate the currently logged in user on transitions to sensitive pages and access its data ...

Responsive Layouts and Redux, a perfect match.

Oct 28, '15

This is an updated version of my previous post concerning responsive states in javascript. This update targets Redux, a javascript library for managing your data that is heavily influenced by flux. If you haven't checked out yet, I highly recommen...

Django, React, and Universal JavaScript

Sep 14, '15

There has been a lot of talk lately about "Universal JavaScript." In short, this term describes the practice of pre-rendering the initial markup of a JavaScript application and serving it alongside the application logic. Doing so reduces the load ...

Managing Transpiled Resources in Django

Apr 15, '15

With the rise in popularity of languages and pre-processors like EcmaScript6 and Stylus, a somewhat annoying step was added to the development cycle: compiling your front-end scripts into a browser friendly form.

One way to handle this is to per...

Automating Common Development Tasks in a Python Environment

Apr 11, '15

Over the weekend I rolled out a few changes for this blog which made me frequently update the live codebase. After a few ssh's I decided it was time to automate these tasks so I could spend more time developing and less time doing tedious adminis...

Welcome to My New Website

Apr 8, '15

I finally got around to updating the layout of Like most of my projects, this site is a django application whose source code is available on github.

Primarily, this blog will be a way for me to keep track of the various things I...